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Wild Lupine Old Maid's Bonnets Wild Pea Sun Dial
Yellow And Orange Flowers
Dutchman's Pipe Pipevine
Pointed Blueeyed Grass Eyebright Blue Star
Magenta To Pink Flowers
Pitcherplant Sidesaddle Flower Huntsman's Cup Indian Dipper
Moonshine Cottonweed Nonesopretty
Plant Garden Stonecrop Witches' Money
Struthiola Erecta Smooth Struthiola
Michauxia Campanuloides Rough-leav'd Michauxia

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Erica Cerinthoides Honeywort-flower'd Heath
Struthiola Erecta Smooth Struthiola
Michauxia Campanuloides Rough-leav'd Michauxia
Ipom&oeliga Coccinea Scarlet Ipom&oeliga
Disandra Prostrata Trailing Disandra
Buchnera Viscosa Clammy Buchnera
Lychnis Coronata Chinese Lychnis
Magenta To Pink Flowers
Yellow And Orange Flowers
Jewelweed Spotted Touchmenot: Silver Cap Wild Balsam: Lady's


RED AND REDDISH: Nightshade. Twisted-stalk. American Cranberry. Marsh Calla. Wild Spikenard (pale red speckled berries). Two-leaved Solomon's Seal (pale red speckled). Wake-robins. Red Baneberry. Red Raspberry. Strawberries. Red Choke-berry. June-berry. Shad-bush. Hawthorns. Harmless Sumacs. Hollies. Bittersweet. Winterberry (Black Alder). American Spikenard. Flowering Dogwood. Dwarf Cornel or Bunebberry. Wintergreen. Red Bearberry. Partridge Vine. Hobble-bush. Red-berried Elder. High Bush Cranberry. Barberry. Spice-bush. Ground Cherry. Wild Honeysuckies. Jack-in-the-Pulpit. BLUISH AND BLACK: Deadly Nightshade. Star-flowered Solomon's Seal. True Solomon's Seal. Large-flowered Wake-robin. Black Raspberry. Bush Blackberry. Dewberry. Black Choke-berry. Wild Grapes. Virginia Creeper. Cornels. Pokeweed. Huckleberry. Blueberries. Elder. Arrow-woods. Viburnums. Nanny-berry. Blackberry Lily. WHITE: White Baneberry (black eye). Poison Sumac. Poison Ivy. Panicled Dogwood. Snowberry. FLUFFY: Thistles. Virginia Clematis. Milkweeds. White lettuce (cinnamon). Groundsel-bush. Spring Everlasting. Dandelions. Sow-thistle. Lettuces. Hawkweeds (brown).


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