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American Varieties
Historical Sketch
Pot-grown Asparagus Plants
European Varieties
Cultural Varieties
Edible Species
Seed Growing
Harvesting And Marketing
Ornamental Species
Care During The Second Year
Manner Of Planting
Variety Tests
The Soil And Its Preparation
The Raising Of Plants


The Seed-bed For January
Dimensions Of The Boxes And Lights For
On The Management Required In The Culture Of The
The Fruiting Frame
Dimensions Of The Boxes And Lights For
On The Management Required In The Culture Of The
The Seed-bed For October:
On The Management Required In The Culture Of

Walnut Growing

Pruning Walnuts
Washing And Drying
Walnut Confectionery
Nut Bread
Nut Cake
Chocolate Nut Cake
Nut Cookies
Apple Nut Salad
Dressing For Same
Who Should Invest
Walnut Growing In Oregon A Coming Industry Of Great National Importance
Test Trees Of Oregon
Seedling Walnuts
Grafted Trees

Apple Growing

When To Plant
Preparation Of Soil
Future Of Apple Growing
Production Of Apples In Barrels In The United States From 1896 To 1910
Heavy Plantings
Hexagonal Or Triangular
The Outlook For The Growing Of Apples
Where To Buy
Planting And Growing The Orchard


Get a detailed description of different different types of flowers. Get advice on how to better grow that certain type of flower.

All Flowers Articles

From Blue To Purple Flowers
Pickerel Weed
Larger Blue Flag Blue Iris Fleurdelis Flowerdeluce
Pointed Blueeyed Grass Eyebright Blue Star
Liverleaf Noble Liverwort Squirrel Cup
Purple Virgin's Bower
Orpine Liveforever Midsummermen Livelong Puddingbag
Plant Garden Stonecrop Witches' Money
Wild Lupine Old Maid's Bonnets Wild Pea Sun Dial
Sea Lavender Marsh Rosemary Cankerroot Inkroot
Fringed Gentian
Wild Blue Phlox
Forgetmenot Mouseear Scorpion Grass Snake Grass Love Me
Blue Vervain Wild Hyssop Simpler's Joy
Holyherb, Enchanter's Plant, Juno's Tears, Pigeongrass,
Selfheal Healall Blue Curls Heartoftheearth Brunella
Snake Berry Poisonflower Woody Nightshade
Maryland Figwort Bee Plant Knotted Figwort Healall Pilewort
Hairy Beardtongue
Blueeyed Mary Innocence Broadleaved Collinsia
American Brooklime
Common Speedwell Fluellin Paul's Betony Groundhele
Hairy Ruellia
Bluets Innocence Houstonia Quaker Ladies Quaker Bonnets
Venus' Pride
Venus' Lookingglass Clasping Bellflower
Great Lobelia Blue Cardinalflower
Chicory Succory Blue Sailors Bunk
Ironweed Flat Top
Button Snakeroot
Daisy Daisyleaved Fleabane
Magenta To Pink Flowers
Julian Hawthorne.
Clarence Moores Weed.
Magenta To Pink Flowers
Sessileleaved Twistedstalk
Arethusa Indian Pink
Calopogon Grass Pink
Soapwort Bouncing Bet Hedge Pink Bruisewort Old Maid's Pink
Fuller's Herb
Deptford Pink
Pink Or Pale Corydalis
Hardhack Steeple Bush
Purpleflowering Or Virginia Raspberry
Wild Roses
Trailing Bush Clover
Herb Robert Red Robin Red Shanks Dragon's Blood
White Or True Wood~sorrel Allelula
Violet Woodsorrel
Swamp Rosemallow Mallow Rose
Marsh St.john'swort
Blue Waxweed Clammy Cuphea Tarweed
Meadowbeauty Deer Grass
Great Or Spiked Willowherb Fireweed
Bog Wintergreen
Pipsissewa Prince's Pine
Broadleaved Kalmia
Sheeplaurel, Lambkill, Wicky, Calfkill, Sheeppoison
Trailing Arbutus Mayflower Ground Laurel
Shooting Star American Cowslip Pride Of Ohio
Bitterbloom Rosepink Squarestemmed Sabbatia Rosy Centaury
Spreading Dogbane Flytrap Dogbane Honeybloom Bitterroot
Bellbind Lady's Nightcap
Ground Or Moss Pink
Obedient Plant False Dragonhead Lion's Heart
Wild Bergamot
Snakehead Turtlehead Balmony Shellflower Codhead
Large Purple Gerardia
Twinflower Ground Vine
Common Burdock Cocklebur Beggars Buttons Clotbur Cuckoo
White And Greenish Flowers
Broadleaved Arrowhead
Water Arum Marsh Calla
American White Hellebore Indian Poke Itchweed
Star Of Bethlehem Ten O'clock
Stargrass Colicroot
Wild Spikenard False Solomon's Seal Solomon's Zigzag
Showy Lady's Slipper
Whitefringed Orchis
Lesser Rattlesnake Plantain [dwarf Rattlesnakeplantain]
Lizard's Tail [lizard'stail, Waterdragon]
Spring Beauty Claytonia
Starry Campion
Pokeweed Scoke Pigeonberry Inkberry Garget
Common Chickweed
Sweetscented White Water Lily Pond Lily Water Nymph Water
Cabbage [fragrant Waterlily]
Sassafras Beavertree [sweetbay Magnolia]
Goldthread Cankerroot [goldthread]
White Baneberry
Black Cohosh Black Snakeroot Tall Bugbane
Wood Anemone Wind Flower
Virgin's Bower Virginia Clematis Traveller's Joy Old Man's
Tall Meadowrue
Twinleaf Rheumatism Root
May Apple Hog Apple Mandrake Wild Lemon
Bloodroot Indian Paint Red Puccoon
Dutchman's Breeches White Hearts Soldier's Cap Eardrops
Squirrel Corn
Twoleaved Toothwort Crinkleroot
Shepherd's Purse Mother's Heart
Vernal Whitlowgrass
Roundleaved Sundew Dewplant
Early Saxifrage
False Miterwort Coolwort Foamflower Nancyovertheground
Carolina Grass Of Parnassus
Meadowsweet Quaker Lady Queenofthemeadow
Wild Red Raspberry
High Bush Blackberry Bramble
Creeping Dalibarda
Virginia Strawberry
White Avens
Red Chokeberry Dogberry Tree
Juneberry Serviceberry Maycherry
Common Hawthorn: White Thorn Scarletfruited Thorn Red Haw
Flowering Spurge
Staghorn Sumac Vinegar Tree
American Holly
Black Alder Winterberry Feverbush
Bittersweet Waxwork Stafftree
New Jersey Tea Wild Snowball Redroot
White Violets
Enchanter's Nightshade
American Spikenard Indian Root Spignet
Wild Carrot Queen Anne's Lace Bird'snest
Smoother Sweet Cicely
Flowering Dogwood
White Alder Sweet Pepperbush Alderleaved Clethra
Canker Lettuce
Indian Pipe Iceplant Ghostflower Corpseplant
Labrador Tea
Wild Rosemary March Holy Rose Water Andromeda Moorwort
Creeping Wintergreen Checkerberry Partridgeberry Mountain
Creeping Snowberry
Pyxie Flowering Moss Pinebarren Beauty
Starflower Chickweedwintergreen Star Anemone
Indian Hemp: Amyroot
Wild Potatovine Manoftheearth Mechameck
Virginia Waterleaf
Jimsonweed Jamestown Weed Thorn Apple Stramonium Devil's
Culver'sroot Culver's Physic
Buttonbush Honeyballs Globeflower Buttonball Shrub
Partridge Vine Twinberry Mitchellavine Squawberry
Cleavers Goosegrass Bedstraw
Clovergrass, Clingrascal, Scratchgrass, Wild Hedgeburs,
Hobblebush American Wayfaring Tree
Boneset Common Thoroughwort Agueweed Indian Sage
Daisy Fleabane Sweet Scabious
Moonshine Cottonweed Nonesopretty
Yarrow Milfoil Old Man's Pepper Nosebleed
Common Daisy Whiteweed White Or Oxeye Daisy Loveme,
Yellow And Orange Flowers
Yellow And Orange Flowers
Golden Club
Perfoliate Bellwort Straw Bell
Yellow Adder's Tongue Trout Lily Dogtooth "violet"
Yellow Clintonia
Indian Cucumberroot
Yellow Stargrass
Blackberry Lily
Large Yellow Lady's Slipper Whippoorwill's Shoe Yellow Moccasin
Yellow Fringed Orchis
Marsh Marigold Meadowgowan American Cowslip
Common Meadow Buttercup Tall Crowfoot Kingcups Cuckoo Flower
Goldcups Butterflowers Blisterflowers
Barberry Pepperidgebush
Spicebush Benjaminbush Wild Allspice Feverbush
Greater Celandine Swallowwort
Golden Corydalis
Black Mustard
Fivefinger Common Cinquefoil
Yellow Avens Field Avens
Yellow Sweet Clover Yellow Melilot
Yellow Woodsorrel Lady's Sorrel
Jewelweed Spotted Touchmenot: Silver Cap Wild Balsam: Lady's
Eardrops Snap Weed Wild Lady's Slipper
Velvet Leaf Indian Mallow American Jute
St. Andrew's Cross
Common St. John'swort
Longbranched Frostweed Frostflower Frostwort Canadian
Yellow Violets
Eastern Cactus Prickly Pear Indian Fig
Eveningprimrose Night Willowherb
Wild Or Field Parsnip Madnep Tank
Butterflyweed Pleurisyroot Orangeroot Orange Milkweed
Horsebalm Citronella Richweed Stoneroot Horseweed
Virginia Ground Cherry
Moth Mullein
Butterandeggs Yellow Toadflax Eggsandbacon Flaxweed
Downy False Foxglove
Greater Bladderwort Hooded Watermilfoil Popweed
Bush Honeysuckle Gravelweed
Common Dandelion Blowball Lion'stooth Peasant's Clock
Field Sowthistle Milk Thistle
Golden Aster
Elecampane Horseheal Yellow Starwort
Cupplant Indiancup Ragged Cup Rosinplant
False Sunflower Oxeye
Jerusalem Purple Coneflower
Jerusalem Artichoke, Earth Apple, Canada Potato, Girasole (h.
Lanceleaved Tickseed Golden Coreopsis
Beggarticks, Sticktight, Rayless Marigold, Beggarlice,
Sneezeweed Swamp Sunflower
Tansy Bitterbuttons
Golden Ragwort Groundsel Squawweed
Red And Indefinites
Jackinthepulpit Indian Turnip
Skunk Or Swamp Cabbage
Large Coralroot
Adam And Eve Puttyroot
Wild Ginger Canada Snakeroot Asarabacca
Dutchman's Pipe Pipevine
Fire Pink Virginia Catchfly
Wild Columbine
Pitcherplant Sidesaddle Flower Huntsman's Cup Indian Dipper
Pine Sap False Beechdrops Yellow Bird'snest
Chickweed Burnet Rose Shepherd's Clock
Hound's Tongue Gypsy Flower
Oswego Tea Bee Balm Indian's Plume Fragrant Balm Mountain
Scarlet Painted Cup Indian Paintbrush
Wood Betony Lousewort Beefsteak Plant High Healall
Trumpetflower Trumpetcreeper
Cardinal Flower Red Lobelia
Fragrant Flowers Or Leaves.
Unpleasantly Scented
Plants And Shrubs Conspicuous In Fruit
Buchnera Viscosa Clammy Buchnera
Disandra Prostrata Trailing Disandra
Michauxia Campanuloides Rough-leav'd Michauxia
Erica Cerinthoides Honeywort-flower'd Heath
Ipom&oeliga Coccinea Scarlet Ipom&oeliga
Struthiola Erecta Smooth Struthiola
Lychnis Coronata Chinese Lychnis
Phylica Ericoides Heath-leav'd Phylica
Lobelia Surinamensis Shrubby Lobelia
Arabis Alpina Alpine Wall-cress
Helianthus Multiflorus Many-flowered Or Perennial Sun-flower
Bellis Perennis Var Major Flore Pleno Great Double Daisy
Primula Acaulis Fl Pleno Carneo Double Lilac Primrose
Plumbago Rosea Rose-coloured Leadwort
Fumaria Solida Solid-rooted Fumitory
Fumaria Cava Hollow-rooted Fumitory
Chironia Baccifera Berry-bearing Chironia
Linum Arboreum Tree Flax
Trollius Asiaticus Asiatic Globe-flower
Verbascum Myconi Borage-leav'd Mullein
Oxalis Caprina Goat's-foot Wood Sorrel
Senecio Elegans Purple Groundsel Or Ragwort
Amaryllis Atamasco Atamasco Lily
Pelargonium Tricolor Three-coloured Crane's-bill
Fagonia Cretica Cretian Fagonia
Veronica Decussata Cross-leav'd Speedwell
Argemone Mexicana Mexican Argemone Or Prickly Poppy
Ipom&oeliga Quamoclit Winged Leav'd Ipom&oeliga
Teucrium Latifolium Broad-leav'd Shrubby Germander
Aquilegia Canadensis Canadian Columbine
Scabiosa Atropurpurea Sweet Scabious
Vinca Rosea Madagascar Periwinkle
Cineraria Amelloides Blue-flowered Cineraria Or Cape Aster
Myrtus Tomentosa Woolly-leaved Myrtle
Allium Descendens Purple-headed Garlick
Buchnera Viscosa Clammy Buchnera
Disandra Prostrata Trailing Disandra
Michauxia Campanuloides Rough-leav'd Michauxia
Erica Cerinthoides Honeywort-flower'd Heath
Ipom&oeliga Coccinea Scarlet Ipom&oeliga
Struthiola Erecta Smooth Struthiola
Lychnis Coronata Chinese Lychnis

Most Viewed Gardening & Flowers & Plants


Erica Cerinthoides Honeywort-flower'd Heath
Struthiola Erecta Smooth Struthiola
Michauxia Campanuloides Rough-leav'd Michauxia
Ipom&oeliga Coccinea Scarlet Ipom&oeliga
Disandra Prostrata Trailing Disandra
Buchnera Viscosa Clammy Buchnera
Lychnis Coronata Chinese Lychnis
Magenta To Pink Flowers
Yellow And Orange Flowers
Longbranched Frostweed Frostflower Frostwort Canadian

Small Gardens

Terms Used By Gardeners
The General Arrangement Of The Garden
Lawn Paths Beds And Border
On The Duty Of Making Experiments
Some Neglected But Handsome Plants
The Conservatory And Greenhouse
The Tool Shed And Summer-house
Roses For Amateurs
Enemies Of The Garden
The Rockery

Indoor Gardening

Thrid Week
First Week
Thrid Week
First Week
Second Week
First Week
Second Week
Thrid Week
First Week
Fourth Week

Gardening Directory

Acacia Mollissima
Euterpe Montana
Galipea Officinalis
Grewia Asiatica
Grias Cauliflora
Ilex Paraguayensis

Gardening Articles

The Rose: Its General Care And Culture
Planning The Garden
The Wild Garden A Plea For Our Native Plants
Planting The Lawn
Plants For Special Purposes
The Gladiolus
The Winter Garden
Iv. Crops That May Follow Others
The Hardy Border