Dimensions Of The Boxes And Lights For

Early and late Melons. Boxes and Lights for the first early Melons. The wood-work should be of the same thickness, as those directed for early cucumbers, and the boxes of the same length; but two feet deep at the back, five feet wide, and

one foot three inches in the front. For Melons sown from the middle of February until the latter end of March, grown with linings. The boxes and lights to be the same in thickness, length, and depth; five feet six inches wide; four bars to a light, with a small iron bar across the middle, in the inside, under the lead-work. For late Melons, grown without Linings. The boxes and lights to be the same as those before described, with the exception of being eighteen inches deep at the back, by eleven inches in the front. Brick Pits. Let these be formed of nine inch brick-work, sunk one foot under-ground; five feet high at the back, by three feet six inches in the front, from the bottom; and six feet wide in the inside. Let the lights be three feet eight inches wide.

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