Small Gardens

Terms Used By Gardeners

=Mulching=--Term used for applying manure in a thick layer round the roots of shrubs, as a protection from frost. =Pricking off=--Transplanting seedlings into separate pots. ="Eyes"=--Incipient leaf-buds. ="Heel"=--The hardened part of a cutting, formed where it is joined to the original plant. =Annual=--Lasting one year. =Biennial=--Lasting two

years. =Perennial=--Lasting several years. =Herbaceous=--Term applied to plants which die down completely every winter. =Deciduous=--Not ever-green; this term is applied to trees the leaves of which fall off every autumn. =Suckers=--Shoots that spring up from the common stock, as distinct from those which belong to the engrafted portion. =Pegging down=--Bending branches down close to the ground, and securing them with a peg. =Runners=--Separate little plants, issuing from the parent, and ultimately rooting for themselves. =Spit=--A spade's depth. ="Strike"=--A term applied to cuttings making roots. =Pinching out=--Rubbing off undesirable shoots. ="Blind"=--A term applied to plants which turn out flowerless. =Heeling in=--The process of temporarily covering plants with soil, till the weather is suitable for setting them out in their permanent quarters. =Carpet-bedding=--The geometrical arrangement of plants.

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