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These are highly ornamental, producing a brilliant displayof flowers. The scarlets make very effective beds. They are mostly hardy, and may be grown in any moist, light, rich garden soil, preferably mixed with a good proportion of silver sand. They should occupy a

sunny and well-drained situation. For early spring flowering plant from October to December, placing the tubers 2-1/2 or 3 in. deep and 4 or 5 in. apart, with a trowelful of manure under each plant, but not touching them. A little sea sand or salt mixed with the soil is a preventive of mildew. If planted in February and March they will bloom from April to June. They are increased by seeds, divisions, or off-sets; the greenhouse varieties from cuttings in light loam under glass. The tubers will not keep long out of the ground. In growing from seed choose seeds from single-flowering plants; sow in March where they are intended to flower 1 in. deep and 9 in. apart; cover with leaf-mould. Two or three sowings may be made also during the summer. Height, 6 in. to 2 ft.

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