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Azaleas (Greenhouse)

A good soil for these deciduous shrubs ismade by mixing a fair quantity of silver sand with good fibrous peat. The plants must never be allowed to become too wet nor too dry, and must be shaded from excessive sunshine. After they

have flowered remove the remains of the blooms, place the plants out of doors in the sun to ripen the wood, or in a temperature of 60 degrees or 65 degrees, and syringe them freely twice a day. If they require shifting, it must be done directly the flowers have fallen. Cuttings taken off close to the plant will root in sand under a glass placed in heat. A. Indica is a plant of great beauty. Stand it in the open air in summer, in a partially shaded position. In winter remove it to a cool part of the greenhouse. The hardy varieties should receive the same treatment as rhododendrons. Flowers in June. Height, 4 ft. Azara Microphylla--This hardy evergreen shrub, with its fan-like branches and small dark, glossy leaves, is very ornamental and sweet-scented. It is increased by placing cuttings of ripened wood in sand under glass with a little heat. Height, 3 ft. B

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