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Chrysophyllum Cainito
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Guernsey Lily (nerine Sarniense)

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Antiaris Saccidora
Antidesma Bunias
Artocarpus Integrifolia
Averrhoa Bilimbi
Bergera Koenigii
Caryophyllus Aromaticus


These effective plants may be raised from seed sown inJanuary or February in fine soil. Sprinkle a little silver sand or very fine mould over the seed; place in a greenhouse, or in a frame having a slight bottom-heat, and when large enough prick them out about 1 in. apart; afterwards put each single plant in a thumb-pot, and plant out at the end of May. As the different varieties do not always come true from seed, it is best to propagate by means of cuttings taken in autumn, or take up the old plants before the frost gets to them, remove all the young shoots (those at the base of the plant are best, and if they have a little root attached to them so much the better), and plant them thinly in well-drained, shallow pans of leaf-mould and sand; plunge the pans in a hotbed under a frame, shade them from hot sunshine, and when they are rooted remove them to the greenhouse till spring, at which time growth must be encouraged by giving a higher temperature and frequent syringing. They may then be planted out in light, rich soil, where they will bloom in June or July. Height, 4 in.

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