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This genus embraces the Auricula, the Polyanthus, and thePrimrose. The greenhouse varieties are among the most useful of our winter-flowering plants. The seed may be sown at any time from March to July in a pot of two-year-old manure, leaf-mould, or fine,

rich mould, but not covering it with the soil. Tie a sheet of paper over the pot and plunge it in a hotbed. Sufficient moisture will be communicated to the seed by keeping the paper damp. When the plants make their appearance remove the paper and place the pot in the shady part of the greenhouse. When they are strong enough to handle, pot off into 4-1/2 in. pots, and stand them near the glass. The roots may be divided as soon as the plants have done flowering. The hardy kinds may be sown in the open. It should be borne in mind that the seed must be new, as it soon loses its germinating properties. These flower in March or April. Height, 6 in.

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