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The soil most suitable for the growth of this fruit isa rich, deep, adhesive loam. July or early in August is the best time to make new beds, but if the ground be not then available runners from the old plants may

be planted in peat on a north border and lifted with good balls of earth to their permanent bed in the spring. Set them firmly in rows 2 ft. apart and 18 in. from plant to plant. Spread out the roots and avoid deep planting. Remove from the old plants all runners not required for new beds before they take root, as they exhaust the crown. In dry seasons liquid manure is highly beneficial. Some growers give supports to the fruit by means of forked-shaped pegs, while others lay straw down to keep the fruit free from grit. Keep a sharp look-out for snails and slugs. King of the Earlies, Auguste Nicaise, Royal Sovereign, Vicomtesse Hericart de Thury, Gunton Park, President, Sir Joseph Paxton, Lord Suffield, Noble, and Samuel Bradley are excellent sorts. For Ornamental Strawberries, see "Fragaria Indica."

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