Cineraria Amelloides Blue-flowered Cineraria Or Cape Aster

Class and Order.

Syngenesia Polygamia Superfloa.

Generic Character.

Recept. nullum. Pappus simplex. Cal. simplex polyphyllus æqualis.

Specific Character and Synonyms.

CINERARIA Amelloides pedunculis unifloris, foliis oppositis ovatis nudis, caule suffruticoso. Linn. Syst. Vegetab. ed. 14. Murr. p. 765.

Ait Kew. v. 3. p. 219.

ASTER africanus frutescens ramosus, floribus cæruleis, foliis oppositis minimis, caulibus et ramulis in pedunculos nudos exeuntibus. Raii Suppl. 158.

ASTER caule ramoso scabro perenni, foliis ovatis sessilibus, pedunculis nudis unifloris. Mill. Icon. 76. f. 2.

The Cineraria Amelloides a plant common in every green-house, was introduced by Mr. Philip Miller as long since as the year 1753, being raised by him from Cape seeds; it forms a bushy shrub, of the height of two, or three feet, produces numerous blossoms, which stand singly on long footstalks, are of a pale blue colour; they make some amends for their want of brilliancy by flowering during most of the year.

The plant is easily propagated either by seeds or cuttings.

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